Monday, November 5, 2012

Love Gets us Through Natural Disasters

Im sorry I haven't posted in a while, readers. I think I will make it up to you with this post.

Last week, Hurricane Sandy wrecked the east coast. It tore through NYC and left homes destroyed and families displaced.

Yesterday, I took a trip to my hometown, Staten Island to help in the damage. What I saw was unbelievable. House after house was torn apart. Cars ontop of cars and memories lying on street corners.

When nothing is left, it's hard to imagine moving forward. However, it is made easier by the help of the community. Hundreds of thousands of people have been coming out to help in any way possible. Delivering food, clearing debris, lending a shoulder to cry on. It is the best gift anyone can get. Love/help from a stranger.

This group of people was walking down the street, looking to give food to those who need. It was an awesome sight, and something I saw so much of. Thank you to all who have helped, and thank you for those who have sent prayers.

NYC can feel your love.

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